Fibreglassing technology


Specialists in fibreglass tanks and fibre reinforced plastic products

Ocean Dynamics designs and manufactures industrial fibre reinforced plastic products, including underground pump stations, storm water and other fibreglass tanks, and fibreglass composite panels.

We also manufacture custom designed products, such as fibreglass trailer canopies and bodies, automotive parts, components for horse floats and children's play equipment. In fact we can work with you to design and manufacture almost any industrial-scale, fibre reinforced plastic solution to fit your requirements.



Fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) offer a lot of benefits over other materials. They’re strong and durable, easily transported, require almost no maintenance and can be manufactured to your exact specifications – ideal for large underground tanks.

Our storm water tanks, separator tanks, pump stations and storage tanks meet or exceed industry standards and are tailored to fit specific service conditions and dimensions, up to 4m in diameter.


Fibreglass composite panels are made using any combination of fibreglass with plywood and/or foam. They’re strong, lightweight and durable making them ideal for truck panels and doors, insulated truck decks, bus and motor home walls, and a range of other applications.

Since 1965 fibreglass composite panels have been used successfully in the transportation, construction, marine, military and building industries.

Our flat-bed mould can produce panels approximately 2.7m x 11.5m.

We specialise in:

  • 3mm glass sheet for trailer and motor home walls.
  • 7-22mm (standard) glass/ply walls for truck bodies.
  • Foam core insulated truck panels 20-100+ mm thick.


When it comes to fibre reinforced plastics, we can build almost anything. From shower trays to van hi tops, and toilets to trailer canopies, we make one-off, custom fit designs.

Got an idea or a design in mind? We can design and engineer a mould to fit your purpose and specifications.

Got a mould already? We can produce FRP panels and parts from existing moulds you’ve supplied.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements.


We manufacture a range of moulded fiberglass parts which are widely used in the trucking and transportation industries. These include truck roofs, fan shrouds, bumpers, air deflectors, cab skirts, end caps, campervan shower boxes and more.


We offer professional repairs for a wide range of products. All repairs are made on site at our Tauranga base.

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