Ocean Dynamics

NZ manufacturers of fibre reinforced plastic products

Since the late 1990s we’ve worked with clients to build a range of fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) products – either designed and manufactured to specifications, or built from existing moulds. 

In recent years, as FRP products have outperformed concrete for strength, durability, transportability and longevity, we’ve developed the capability to build bigger and bigger products, including 4-metre diameter pump stations, underground storm water and separator tanks.

We specialise in:

  • A range of large fibreglass tanks up to 4m in diameter
  • Fibreglass composite panels
  • Fibreglass automotive parts, panels and bulkheads
  • Fibreglass trailer panels, canopies and bodies

Based in Tauranga, Ocean Dynamics is led by Matt MacCormick, who worked as a Biochemist, Orchardist, and in the packaging industry before following his passion for manufacturing and acquiring the company in 2008. His skill in product design and flair for problem solving has enabled Ocean Dynamics to develop its own purpose-built mandrel rigs and apparatus to meet product specifications for a range of client applications and requirements.


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